Founded in 1989, John Halloran Associates (JHA) is a recognized leader in the event production industry, specializing in transforming event visions into client realities on any scale.  We’ve developed a reputation for excellence based on a true passion for our work. JHA provides production services for some of the most prestigious events anywhere as you’ll see in our section called “the work.”

Every company claims to provide outstanding customer service. So what sets JHA apart? It was once said, ‘a goal without a deadline is just a dream.’ We think the same concept applies to event production. Without the right production team, even the most visionary event remains just that – a vision.  At JHA we’ve been helping our clients conceive, produce and realize the full potential of their events for more than 30 years. And while we have all the standard capabilities you’d expect from a world-class event production services company; our team is guided by four principles that sum up our approach:

PASSION- At JHA creating events is much more than a job, It’s a passion. We know how much each project means to our client partners. Every project is a chance to demonstrate JHA’s unyielding dedication to achieving our clients’ visions.

PEOPLE- As a leader in the events production industry, we realize how influential our associates are to the organization’s overall success. So, we actively seek out top industry professionals who share our values, and build relationships with them. We feel that our associates and event partners are not only among the best and brightest in the business. When you work with JHA, you work with a team that knows and values your vision and that has the ability and commitment to bring it to life.

PROCESS- We have developed the industry’s most innovative model of execution, one that focuses on collaboration, results and client value. Our internal model is lean and efficient; we’re committed to effective communication and transparency, and we excel at both project and fiscal management. So not only do you get a great event, you get a great relationship with your production partner.

PERFORMANCE- Unparalleled. Inspirational. The best in the business. These are the benchmarks for performance we set for ourselves on every project. We don’t just deliver flawlessly, on time and on budget. We actively work to build trust and strong relationships with our client partners. Our commitment to these ideas is best measured through our extensive event portfolio, growing list of repeat clients, and client testimonials.

So that’s it. Four key principles that set JHA apart. Put into action, they define a team that combines talent, experience and strong relationships to become more than the sum of its parts.

I think you’ll see those principles reflected in the examples of our work you’ll find here on our website.

And I know you’ll see them reflected in the next project we do for you.